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Autodidactic: self-taught, from pr. auto + gr. didaskein, to teach.
Autodidactics: the process of teaching oneself. 


Bibliographic and Patent Searches

We have extensive experience doing literature searches, including patent searches, in various technical fields. Let us know what you need. We may already have it in-house. If not, we can find it, and our rates are reasonable.

Technical and Engineering Consulting

We offer technical consulting in the areas of Aeronautics (including Lighter-than-Air), Internal Combustion Engines, Control Systems, Air Cushion Vehicles, Cable-Supported Transport Systems and others. One of our specialties is feasibility/practicability studies for clients considering investing in a technical enterprise; we also provide high-quality technical support to proposal writers. Contact us concerning your problem.

Security, Privacy, Tax Avoidance*

The world is becoming increasingly unsafe. The surge in ordinary criminality is bad enough, but now the biggest criminal in many societies is government, which is becoming increasingly intrusive and heedless of constitutional limitations. Ordinary people are now resorting to stratagems which were once the exclusive province of the super rich, international criminals and spies, just to defend themselves against private and public criminality. We can help with the following services: * American Citizens: See also in this connection The Case Law Handbook for the Non-Taxpayer

Editing, Design and Production

If you are considering publishing a book in-house, you can benefit from our twelve man-years of experience in desktop publishing, database publishing and graphic design. We will edit your manuscript for both form and content, design a format affording the best possible presentation while controlling production costs, recommend printing and binding services and even generate camera-ready copy to send to the printer. We can even provide help in obtaining reasonably-priced fulfillment services.

To jump-start your in-house magazine or newsletter, we can set you up with appropriate software and training, design a basic layout and set up the entire production process, ready for you to take over.

Finally, if you want a Web page for yourself or your company that won't stupefy your visitors with irrelevant graphics, but will lead them quickly to the information they seek, consider us.

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Aerodynamic Design: Bruce Carmichael's Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction is still available. Read our review of this first self-publishing effort by the research engineer known as "Mr. Low Speed Aerodynamics." Then order the book by mail directly from the author. Not our publication, but highly recommended.

Are you liable for US Federal Income Tax? Kurt A. Gross' book, The Case Law Handbook for the Nontaxpayer, will help you answer that question for yourself, using the fruits of the author's research into more than 400 tax-related legal decisions. And if the answer is "No, I'm not liable," this book will help you take the necessary steps to assert your true legal status. Read our review and ordering information. Go to Top

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